A new important cycling project was born

A new important cycling project was born

In a conference which took place in Beijing, our sports group was officially assigned as basis for the development of the first World Tour team sustained by a Chinese main sponsor, thanks to the cooperation with TJ Sport Consultation (photo, form left: Deng, Orlando Govi, Louis Shih, Mauro Gianetti, Giuseppe Saronni, Li zhiqiang, George Wang, Lowis Liu).

One of the commitment of TJ Sport Consultation, whose president is Mr Li Zhiqiang, is the development of the cycling in all its usage purposes: cycling as a means of transport which promotes a sustainable mobility and cycling as sports to be developped in all its disciplines and categories. The coordinator of this project is Mauro Gianetti.

The World Tour team, which will continue along and will boost the activity of the traditional Italian sports group which collected bunch of successes in more than two decades in the most important cycling races, will be the flag for the promotion of this project and will have long terms tasks that, on the agonistic field, will be four-year terms.

The goals of the team will be the achievement of a high level of competitiveness in the Tour de France and the development of the Chinese cycling in view of the participation to the next Olympic Games.

More details about the group of partners which support the team and the roster will be soon announced.

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